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Well it’s time to forget about those past mistake because from today, your luck is about to drastically change.

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Over the past four years, we’ve seen results so impressive that our existing members have been making upwards of £7,000 on a monthly basis.

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And the secret?

Less than 10 minutes 'work' each day!

That's because when you join the Race Formula team, you'll see that we've done all the hard work for you.

Each morning we’ll send you an email telling you exactly how to bet and from there, your part takes no time at all! All you have to do is log into your betting account, be that William Hill, Betfair, Betfred, Bet- whatever! And get those bets placed in less than 10 minutes.

Or, if you’re old-school like a couple of the chaps in our team, you can place your bets at your local bookmakers.

Once that’s done, all there is left to do is collect your winnings.

Making money with Race Formula is SO EASY, absolutely anyone can do it.

What They Say...

“I noticed there are already a ton of positive reviews for this service online so you probably don’t need my two cents but I couldn’t help myself. This service blows all other tipsters out of the water. Excellent results.Incredible profits.This team are on another level!”
“I’d never placed a bet in my life before discovering Race Formula but the reviews were so good I had to give it a try. I can honestly say with my hand on my heart that I was not disappointed. I’ve made almost £2,000 in one week and I cannot wait to get my next bet placed. Five starts from me! *****”
“I have no idea what kind of insider info these guys are getting but WOW WOWWOW! £15,726 in just two months and no sign of those profits slowing down. The wife’s finally got the new kitchen she’s always wanted and I’m about to buy myself a shiny new set of wheels. This service is the dog’s bollocks!”

Roger Parker, Kent.
Jenn Willis, Glasgow.
Mark Reid, Luton.

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Hi I’m Joe Joyce, CEO of Race Formula and head of our award winning team.

Over the past three years our diverse and highly skilled group have been working day and night to create a formula which would produce a winner (almost) every time!

And the culmination of our hard work has been a strike rate of more than 85%!

But more on that in just a moment.

First, allow me to introduce the team…

Jordan White

First up, we’ve got Jordan White. Jordan is your typical London city guy. Always shows up to work in a suit with a brief case when the rest of us are in jeans. Jordan handles the business side of Race Formula, right down to managing accounts.

Howard and Dennis

Next, the Brooke brothers; Howard and Dennis. These guys have been avid punters since they turned 18, and are the latest in a long line of Brookes who have been bleeding the bookies dry for generations.

Arianne Price

Next, Arianne Price. If I were to say that Arianne knows EVERYONE in horse racing, I’d hardly be exaggerating. Arianne knows everyone worth knowing in this business as she handles all of our insider relations.

Garima Patel

Next, Garima Patel. Fresh out of Oxford University with a first class honors degree in Computer Science, Garima handles all the techy stuff. She verifies our picks each and every day and it is she that sends those selections out to you.

Robby Moore

And last but certainly not least, Robby Moore. Robby is my second in command and a man I trust more than my own family. Robby has been a professional punter for more than twenty years and he has an impeccable track record when it comes to horse racing.

And it is thanks to the diversity of our highly accomplished team that we’re able to achieve such incredible results, day after day


Since Robby and I first started Race Formula four years ago, we’ve been working tirelessly to try and achieve the best possible strike rate, both for our members and our own back pockets.

Over the years, as our team has expanded, our results have only improved and now we have a success rate that’s practically unseen anywhere on the web.

Each week our members are seeing profits in excess of £1,600 and to know that we’re able to help so many people with our combined skills is an incredible feeling.

And now, after more than 18 months since our last intake, we are once again opening our doors to the public and accepting new members.

But, as a very special treat, we are offering just FIVE pre-sale membership to persons whom have in the past shown an interest in betting.

That includes you.

After that, the next 50 memberships we offer for general release are anybody’s game!

And securing a lifetime membership to our winning race selections is unbelievably affordable.

You can sign up right now for the bargain price of just £29.99

And that’s it! You pay once today, no repeat payments, no hidden costs, and our daily race selections will be yours for as long as we’re in business.

And as a show of good faith, your payment will be protected by a 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. So if you’re not lining your pockets day after day with our tips, I’ll give you a full refund.

Get Race Formula tips

When you’re making an extra £85,000 per year from betting, everything in your life will change for the better.

Quit your job, pay off all your debts and finally start living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

If you’re a driven person who knows a golden opportunity when one crosses their path, you’ll sign up on this page right now.

Losers and cowards will let this opportunity pass them by.

Sign up on this page right now to grab one of those five pre-sale memberships before we open our doors to the general public.

You have absolutely nothing to lose here and so much to gain.

Don’t put this off for another second.

I look forward to having you on board.
Best regards,

Joe Joyce.


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